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Allow Users to Authenticate With Username Only Using Devise, ActiveAdmin, Rails 4 and Ruby 2

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Probably there are not many cases where one wouldn't wont their users to have email addresses. Nevertheless, I had exactly this situation recently. It was quite a challenge (for me at least) to figure out all the things one needs to change in Devise, so as not to expect users to provide an email upon registration and sign-in and to work properly. Finally, I was able to set it to work properly and decided to save you the trouble, in case some of you have a similar setup.

Install Postgresql 9.2.4 on OS X Mountain Lion

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A quick way to get Postgres to work with your existing Rails app

There are plenty of instructions for installing PSQL on OS X Mountain Lion such as this or this. The problem here is that as of Mountain Lion Postgres opens a socket in /var/pgsql_socket, which is different from previous versions.